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Building Construction

We have a team professional civil engineers with  many years of experience in building design and constructions and they remain part of  top building contractions projects .  

The term building services engineering is also known as civil, mechanical, electrical engineeringcivil engineeringarchitectural engineeringtechnical building servicesbuilding engineering or facilities and services planning engineering.

In some countries, a building services engineer is a Senior Civil engineer with experience in the Buildings Construction, Building Maintenance, Management, integration of electrical, mechanical, fire, hydraulic, security and communications building services, who manages and delivers the integrated detailed design of multiple disciplines so as to ensure that the building is delivered in a “least cost technically acceptable” manner, with emphasis on both the construction costs and the operational costs.

  • Resource management
  • Material Management
  • Contingency plan
  • Risk management
  • About Quality Millwright
  • Pollution Control
  • Logistics
  • Earth-moving Equipments

Construction project phases

  • Project conception, design and planning.…
  • Building Permits.…
  • Pre-construction phase.…
  • Procurement.…
  • Construction Phase.…
  • Post-Construction.

Custom Civil Engineering Structure  Projects

We offer custom civil engineering structure construction services, structure analysis, consultancy, design and consultancy services